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We, at Naveen Public School, believe that it is important to have a happy environment which is conducive to effective learning. We strive to provide an education that meets the needs of all students. Clearly, each child is different and may not find the same things interesting or fun to do. It becomes important for us to provide varied opportunities to Children So that they are able to discover their talents and hone their skills.


When we choose teachers, their passion towards teaching and their love for working with children. It is when the teacher is excited by who she is teaching and what she is teaching that learning is most effective. Children learn best when they feel a connection with the teacher who values them and their opinions.Children are encouraged to think and ask questions so they may be able to devise innovative and creative ways to solve issues. Their innate curiosity is preserved so that they may better understand the world around them. They are taught to revel not just in their own success but also in the achievements of the people around them. Students are encouraged to work in groups by collaborating with fellow team members. Music, Dance, Art and Theatre are invaluable avenues for students to express themselves and are an integral part of the curriculum. Sports is part of the school culture- often, more life lessons are learnt on the sports field than in a classroom. We are fortunate to have a spacious games field.

Technology is an integral part of the school and its functioning and teachers frequently use audiovisual media to make their lessons come alive. However, we do not believe in allowing students to be too dependent on gadgets so they are not allowed to carry electronic gadgets to school. The focus is on experiential and hands-on learning.

Academically, Naveen Public School has always been at the forefront with our students Winning accolades at taluka & district level, national and international levels. Our alumni have spread their wings far and wide and give us plenty of reasons to be proud!

With about 256 students we are sufficient enough school to provide a structured and competitive learning atmosphere but also small enough to know each child. Our idea of success comes from the knowledge that our students and staff are happy to belong to the Naveen Public School family.

– Kamshetty Chickbase


Naveen Public School Bidar is a co-educational school, conveniently located in the heart of Bidar and spread over 2 acres of campus, offering state of the art facilities for a progressive, child-centric and holistic development of students.

NPSB is founded under the guidance of Kamshetty Chickbase, Chairman of NPSB Group of Institutions.NPSB is committed to imparting high quality holistic education by giving students the opportunities to develop their creative and social skills through a wide variety of programmes in a safe, innovative and healthy environment.


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How real people said about Education Naveen Public School Bidar.

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Shridhar Dhawan


“Naveen public School, Bidar, is one of the best schools in Bidar Karnataka State. The staff and teachers are very polite. My overall experience has been very good with Naveen public School. My children love the activities and they are doing very well in their academics. ”


Avni Shah


“ I’m very happy with the school. My child has definitely improved a lot. The teachers and teaching methods are amazingly creative. Would definitely recommend this school. ”


Anjani Bhosle

Art director

“ Naveen Public School considers us parents as partners, in the important decisions of our child’s development which I really appreciate. Our children can learn new things each day, and it is a delight to see them coming back home all happy.”


Sandhya Salunkhe


“Exceptional School! My daughter is studying in Naveen Public School since last 4 years and we are very happy with the school and her overall progress.The school’s willingness to give them healthy social environment is highly appreciated my best wishes.”

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Aditya Mukesh


“The school members and the faculties are doing a great job. The facilities are very good for children. I personally like ORCHIDS because the quality of education is too good. Thank you for giving good quality education and support for children. ”

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