Why doesn’t my child do what i tell him to do? responding to oppositional and defiant behavior

Is your child struggling to obey you and even refusing to follow your directions? Does this problem seem to be getting worse? Are you beginning to feel helpless, sad and frustrated as a parent? Perhaps you are beginning to wonder if there is a bigger problem. Maybe the following example will sound familiar to you.

After dinner, Johnny’s mother asks him to take the dishes from the kitchen table and put them next to the sink. She begins emptying the dishwasher while Johnny remains at the table watching a TV show going on in the den. A few moments later Johnny’s mother again tells him to take the dishes to the sink as she continues clearing the dishwasher. Another minute later she looks up and Johnny has moved to the couch in the den where he is doing something on his cell phone. Johnny’s mother goes to the den and exclaims in a loud, frustrated tone, “Johnny, I told you to put those dishes by the sink.” But Johnny continues to play on his phone as his mother stares at him. After a few moments, she shrugs her shoulders and says, “I can’t believe this.” She returns to the kitchen and begins carrying dishes to the sink.