Our Vision

“The Vision of Naveen Public School the global school is to mould the young minds to be independent, lifelong learners with 21st century global skills, equipped with superlative academic and social competencies, which enables them to enter into the mainstream of society as confident and empowered citizens.

“Education aims at the all round development of individual students so that they contribute to the establishment of an enlightened just, loving and peaceful society based on liberty, equality and fraternity. In the Indian scenario it promotes a transformation and social change for the betterment and every student is enabled to become that change-agent to build a better society, after the example of our patron, St. Louis de Montfort."

“To create a learning community of motivated students engaged in interactive learning through optimum use state of the art infrastructure and technology. To develop, young individuals who think, question and are curious, responsible citizens of tomorrow through effective learning, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. To impart the best education that shall bring in academic excellence, physical fitness, psychological and spiritual well being and social awareness in each NIS student through our proven systems and practices."