School OverView


NAVEEN PUBLIC SCHOOL the was established in the year 2003 and since then it has achieved many milestones. After every successful endeavor the school introspects and restructures its pedagogical and infrastructural resources to equip the students with best teaching practices aiming child-centric education. The three essential pillars of the school are the Pre-Primary wing, CBSE Wing and the Cambridge Wing which are supported by the visionary management, a team of passionate teachers, enthusiastic learners and dedicated admin staff. With over 1200 students on the campus, NAVEEN PUBLIC SCHOOL has successfully completed 2 batches of class X and 8 batches of class XII CBSE respectively. Our students have held our heads high in all fields may it be academics or sports. Students have joined prestigious Universities and colleges abroad and in India. They have proved themselves by taking admissions in courses like MBBS, Engineering, Communication, Biological Sciences, and Architecture etc.

Spirit of the School

Every living being is sustained through the five elements of nature that is Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space. Naveen Public School the global school takes inspiration from these elements which create a balance and harmony not only in the students but also in the environment. Earth symbolizes energy and stability, Air indicates movement and change, Water represents fluidity, calmness, depth, resilience and purity of thoughts and ideas, Fire stands for vitality and passion and Space signifies the vastness of our potential, openness and encompasses the other four elements. Thus, there is a sweet comfort in knowing that we belong to them, all. Harnessing and uniting these elements creates a force which helps a human being to become aware and responsible. The emblem of Naveen Public School highlights this essence of “Panchbhoota” and ensures that ‘Where there is energy, there is life’.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the institution is founded on the belief that education is all about joyful learning. The curriculum is customized to be relevant to the current-day expectations of the professional world. Learning at NPS the global school is skill-based, child-centric and growth-oriented. The curriculum is dynamic, innovative and experiential, which makes the learning process an enlightening one. While the academics, sports and cultural activities are aimed at personality development of the child, activities like national and religious festivals celebrated on the campus develop harmony and respect for each other, inducing a sense of brotherhood, caring and sharing.

School Profile

A Modern Citadel of Learning Naveen Public School the global school spreads over a sprawling 2-acre campus in a state-of-the-art infrastructure and an amicable environment. Naveen Public School is a 15-minute drive from center city. The school building is based on contemporary architectural design ensuring a balance between ultimate comfort, beauty and safety. The exquisite landscaping adds an aesthetic touch to the whole campus.


Built over an area of 1 acre land, Highly qualified and experienced teachers. A beautifully equipped pre-primary wing catering to little ones. Senior secondary school affiliated to CBSE (Classes I to XII). Centre for Cambridge International Examinations from Grade 1 to A Level. Integrated Foundation Course for IIT/JEE. Air-conditioned indoor auditorium for cultural activities. Hygienically maintained air conditioned dining hall. Computer laboratories with high-end systems with dedicated broad band. English language laboratories for honing communication skills. Well equipped library with separate sections for reading, reference & periodicals. Soft-skill training Remedial classes. Full time professional counsellor, to guide the students in optimizing their performance.